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VDesk – Visual Desktop FREE For 5 Days Starts Sept. 11

AnthonyAMC the creator of VDesk is giving away VDesk (Visual Desktop) for the next 5 days. Get your copy before 9/16 and enjoy!

VDesk is a frontend for xwinwrap which allows you to have a screensaver or video as a desktop wallpaper. Others may refer to this as animated desktop, animated background or video desktop. The use of VDesk depends on zenity, xwinwrap, mplayer and screensavers. I hope that you will find VDesk a suitable frontend for xwinwrap, containing all the features that you would hope to find. We have strived to make VDesk user friendly and highly configurable.

Download VDesk – Visual Desktop


Go to your Downloads folder and extract the content of the file. Then open a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy+paste the following line:

sudo ./Downloads/VDesk_1.3.1/installer

The installer will take care of everything from there.

For a more detailed install/usage guide read the README.txt file that’s included in the file.

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Hey tinuz, thanks for the bump! I have decided to make VDesk free from now on. I know that the open source community has come to expect free, not only in openness, but also in price so there ya go. If you or any of your readers have comments or feature requests, please be sure to use the comments section on the VDesk page at gnome-look.
Thanks again for the bump!


Who knew GNOME3 was good for something! 0.o


It would be nice if the score at gnome-look was higher. Some people were apparently annoyed that i was charging a dollar. Others saw the value, but the damage was done. Need more people to dl and vote!