Hotmail or Windows Live mail in Evolution

Here is a small guide to setup your hotmail/Windows Live mail account in Evolution mail.

Watch a video HERE or follow these steps.

Evolution is the standard email client in Ubuntu and can be found in “Applications ->  Internet -> Evolution Mail”.

When you open up Evolution for the first time you’ll see a setup assistant.

Forward until you get to the “Identity” screen.

Enter you full name and your full email address.  If you want your hotmail account to be your default address leave the tag next to the box.

Press forward until you reach the “Receiving Email” windows.






Select “pop” from the drop down list.

Fill in the following information:

Username: [email protected] / (use full email address)
Security: SSL

Press Forward until you reach the Sending Email screen




Fill in the following information:

Server Type: SMTP

Encryption: SSL
Username: [email protected] / (enter full email address)

Press Forward, name your account and select your time zone.


And thats it, now you can send/recieve your hotmail or Windows Live mail.


19 Responses to Hotmail or Windows Live mail in Evolution

  • tinuz says:

    But i can’t help you with this, i searched on the internet about your but i can’t find anything about .au and

  • michelangelo says:

    I have been a big fan of your tutorials.

    Unfortunately the pop3 setting with hotmail is working, but the smtp fails to work.

    As changing TSL encryption helped some people, but it didn’t help me. SSL is not working either.

    Anyway, I am using karmic Koala, and I wish if you could test this technique on karmic, or device some way, so that sending mail can work well with that.



  • tinuz says:

    I used the same manual to setup my account in evolution. It worked on 8.10, 9.04 and 9.10 and am about to test it on the 10.04 Alpha 1 version. What kind of error message dou you get?

  • michelangelo says:

    Thanks for your interest to help me out.

    When I try to send emails from hotmail account, it simply fails to do so. I checked the debug logs and it gives the following error message…

    “Could not connect to timed out”

  • tinuz says:

    on the internet for a different way to set an account in evolution but they all use the same commands and pop3 and smtp… there is another manual to be found on the internet but that’s for ubuntu 8.10 (or lower)

  • tinuz says:

    Good to hear you found the solution and fixed the problem… thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • raks81 says:

    I had the problem  with outgoing mails with ssl. Changing it to TSL worked. Thanks!

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