Games On Wine: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Here is a guide to install Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES12) using Wine on Ubuntu 11.04. To install PES12 you need to have Wine installed, to install Wine read this article if you already have Wine installed continue reading…

Installing the game works the same as installing it on Windows..

Insert the game disc
Open the setup.exe file
Accept license agreement
Enter serial number
Install the game
Close setup window

To play the game press the SuperKey and type: pes followed by clicking on the pes12.exe launcher

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    • tinuz says:

      That’s correct and I’m sorry about it. I deleted an old Google account and my YouTube channel was linked to that account. So both of the account (Google and YouTube) where deleted, i contacted YouTube if they had a backup of my YouTube account but they told me they wouldn’t restore it for me for so many lame reasons πŸ™

          • Eheheh. I can imagine. πŸ˜€
            When i was 12 i had a very hold PC with a 200Mb of Hard Disk, and a processor that if elaborated a bit if it was already a huge success!! I didn’t know yet GNU/Linux and so on it there was Windows XP.
            After some days of hard work, trying to remove all the futility of Windows, i removed the “Fax functionality”, in order to gnaw enough space to install some drivers of my Bluetooth mouse & keyboard (…).
            So, after after cleaning, and after the long drivers installation, I rebooted only with my Bluetooth pendrive connected, and i found a Blue Screen of Death with this message: KEYBOARD NOT FOUND. PRESS F1 TO CONTINUE.
            Other than “wops”. It started a sort of Microsoft blasphemies. πŸ˜†
            Not only was not working a fu**, but they were fukk*** kidding me saying that since the keyboard was not there, the solution was to press a key.

            Now, you want to know how it ended?
            On the same PC there is a light distro GNU/Linux. There is enough space to install and use Gimp, and i remember that during the first installation, my Bluetooth mouse & keyboard was already working without anyone told Linux what they were.
            Only an idiot like could say, Β«Wooops… Windows doesn’t run even if I bought it.Β», Β«Uh, Linux is Open and do anything better.Β», Β«Uh… But I prefer XP, in order to be fooled a little more…Β»
            No! No! No!
            Fu** anyone who gets in your way. Fu** Microsoft products. W the Open Source movement. W GNU/Linux. W logic “Do-IT-Yourself”.
            And today, fu** Youtube. If I can’t decide what’s become of my videos, I can host them myself!!
            This is what I think of these things πŸ™‚

          • tinuz says:

            Windows doesn’t do a lot of things out of the box that Linux does πŸ™‚

            Another thing i dislike about Windows is the stupid reboots after updating your system or when using the wrong driver you get the BSOD or nowadays the stupid πŸ™ Oooops something went wrong message!! And how about the problem with non-compatible software after a new Windows release? They suck big time and they dare to charge you money for their product. F*ck their closed source and patents πŸ™‚

            Linux 4 life!!

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